Free Online workshop

BABies & BenefitTing Your Business!


september 4th 2018  //  8:00 pM EST

Show Me How I Can Work With Birth & Babies!

Why join us in the workshop? 

If you love babies and bellies and want to know how
to grow your business by specializing in maternal health, this workshop is the right place for you! 

You will learn:

- how to follow your passions and make a difference within your community.

- how to create an additional revenue stream and/or supplement your current income. 

- how gaining an expertise in maternal health will expand your current practice. 

- what the greatest need is amongst pregnant people/new families today and you can become a much needed solution to this problem.

- why so few trained practitioners go on to build a successful practice and how bebo mia's training has solved this problem by including business training and mentorship.

- from the experience of two women who built a thriving maternal support practice and continue to nurture their  growing community of health professionals!


"I have taken a lot of courses over the years (as a physiotherapist) and this was by far my favourite! I loved being able to watch the webinars "live" but also that I could watch them at a later date if I couldn't be there! Both from a learning perspective and from a time management perspective with a busy family and work life, I had time to digest the info and didn't have to sit in a classroom somewhere for an entire weekend/week! The bebo babes were awesome teachers and the course was very interactive. I would highly recommend it, even if you are just thinking about this field. Thank you bebo mia for this amazing learning opportunity!"

- Andrea Harrison Hercun

"What a game changer! Don't miss the chance to learn from these badass, inspiring women. They walked me (and continue to support me) through every step of the way so I can see my business thrive. 

They are incredibly professional and inspiring. They are SO FUNNY, and friendly. Their approach to success is based on excellence, hard work, and kindness."


- Marissa Bolanos


Show Me How I can Work with Birth & Babies!