Free Online workshop

PASSIONATE about Birth & Babies?

Build a CareeR you Love!

SEPTEMBER 12TH 2018  //
 8:00 pM EST

Show Me How I Can Work With Birth & Babies!

Why join us in the workshop? 

If you love babies and bellies and want to know how to build and grow a business doing something you love, this workshop is the right place for you! 

You will learn:

- how to follow your passions and make a difference within your community.

- how to gain financial freedom, to be with your children or supplement your current income. 

- what the greatest need is amongst birthers & new families today and how doula work has created a much needed solution to this problem.

- how gaining an expertise in maternal health will expand your current practice. This is perfect for health care professionals (naturopaths, massage therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, etc). 

- why so few trained doulas go on to build a successful maternal health practice and how bebo mia's training has solved this problem by including a business component plus ongoing mentorship.

- from the experience of three women who built a thriving maternal support practice and continue to nurture their  growing community for doulas.


"You gals have done an amazing job with this course. It is informative, interesting, well paced, and even beautiful to look at. Thank you for the work you do and I have taken it upon myself to thank you on behalf of all the babies of the world!"

- Kimberley Stanley

 "bebo mia means the world to me. I have never felt so confident as I embark on my journey and start my doula and lactation business. The use of evidence based information is vital to me in my practice. Their trainings are inclusive and they are really in tune with the realities of what families face in birth today. I love that the classes were live and I could ask questions but if life got away from (which it did) I have lifetime access to the recordings and can catch up. The staff at bebo mia are so kind and welcoming.They always emailed me back quickly whenever I had a question. I can't thank them enough for the education they've provided me with."

- Jacquana Smith


Show Me How I can Work with Birth & Babies!